Frequently Asked Questions

What is a stall?
A stall at our markets is an allocation of floor space with certain dimensions. A stall’s measurement can vary depending on the venue floor plan. When you purchase more than one stall in your name, and in the one booking, those stalls will be placed together.
What does a stall cost?

In 2019 stalls are offered at $40 per stall space (the sale of just two $20 outfits!). You can book a single or double (or sometimes at the discretion of management, a triple) stall through the Book Your Stall buttons on this website or through using our event name on 

How will I find where my stall is?
On market day your stall/s will be marked with your name. The corners of the space may also be marked on the floor. Generally, stalls unless specified otherwise are indoors.
Why can't I book some markets or stall types listed on the website?
It means the market is full and those stalls have been fully allocated. You can choose to go on that market’s waitlist (click on the event and follow the TryBooking prompts) and/or book another one of our markets listed.
What time can I set up?

Set up time is up to one hour before the market opens to the public. For a 10am market start you can set up from no earlier than 9am. Access to the venue earlier than that unlikely and at The Preloved Clothing Market’s discretion (based on insurance obligations).

Please note: all stalls are allocated on the floor plan before market day so there is no need to get to the venue early to grab what you consider to be ‘the best spot’.

What if I don't believe I'll be set up within the hour?

If you need more than an hour to set up your stall (no matter whether it’s a single or a double), you may want to consider how much you’re bringing along. Realistically, not everything on your stall will sell on one market day so , as part of your pre-market day planning take some time to decide what to display on any given occasion. 

Must I have my stall/s open for the market hours?

Yes. Once you pay you have committed to keep your stall/s operational until market close unless otherwise previously agreed with (and at the discretion of) The Preloved Clothing Market management. This includes not hauling kit and equipment out of the hall or packing up prior to the market close time at 2pm.

Shoppers expect the market to be operational until close – often this can be the best time to make quick sales! And it’s unfair to fellow stallholders and shoppers if you pack up early and leave the market looking semi-packed down.

Do I need to stay for the whole market?
Stallholders need to be set up and ready for doors to open to the public by 10am (or 3pm at the Christmas market). If you’re unable to stay for the whole market please book for another time when you can stay or better still have a friend or family member (name to be provided to us ahead of time please) help out if you’re not there the whole time.
Can I display my collection on a rug?

Displays placed down low on rugs, picnic blankets, tarps or any other floor covering will not be permitted – at our busy markets this is a trip hazard! It is expected that a stallholder will be able to furnish themselves with their own rack/s and or table/s.

Should I label my things? What should I price my things?
Both these questions are answered in other material like our Guide to Selling and our blog on A Stress-free Market Day. But, yes in short, labelled and priced items help make your and your shopper’s life easier.
Can I share my stall?
Stalls can be shared. However, for Public Liability purposes it is essential you inform us (ahead of market day) of others working your stall with you. You can book stalls with friends side by side – just let us know when booking so we can ensure you’re placed together (space permitting).
What if I have more stuff than fits my stall?
Please check what you’re selling and what props you’re bringing against the space dimensions you’ve booked. Ensure your display (shared or not) remains within your space and for safety reasons isn’t overcrowded. You and your shoppers will be happier for it! If in doubt, test your kit at home in the allocated space or book another stall.
Should I bring cash for float?
All transactions are your own on market day. So that you don’t miss out on any sales ideally you want to have plenty of coins and change. If you have access to cashless systems or accept PayPal this is likely to also make your life a little easier on the day.
Can friends or family help on my stall?

It’s great when family and or friends can help on your stall. BUT, for insurance purposes, market management must be notified of all helpers. Please supply their name and mobile number by email prior to market day. In the unlikely event that we have to call out a list of participants we’d want to know if we’re missing anyone! It’s also helpful in the case of a medical emergency.

Can I bring my pet along?

Pets are not permitted as other stallholders or shoppers may not be comfortable with this. The exception to this is in the case of assistance animals.

What are market hours?

Our markets are held on the last Saturday of most months and run from 10am – 2pm. 

Do I need to print out my TryBooking ticket?

No. You don’t need to provide us with your TryBooking ticket. Once you’ve booked and paid through TryBooking we have your stall details and include you in the market day floor plan.

How well can I expect to do on market day?
This is the 64 million dollar question. If you come along to have some fun and make (at the very, very least) your stall costs back then that’s a good day.

How you do on market day can fluctuate from market to market and does not depend on where you are placed or how many shoppers come through the door.

The difference between a good day and a great day can be how you approach the day. Sometimes you’ll sell a handful of higher priced items, and sometimes you’ll sell a pile of lower priced items. Go with the flow! Come along with an open mind and the enthusiasm to on-sell as much as you can (even if that means negotiating or reducing your prices if you want).

A shopper may buy up your stall because they’re into your style – it only takes one! And, shoppers will be attracted to different stalls and stallholders on different days (that’s human nature).

Above all, a fun day is s successful one, so don’t give up!

Are there ATM facilities at the venue?
There are no ATM facilities at the venues. If there are ATM facilities in the local area we can direct you on the day, however, it’s best to come armed with cash as most stallholders won’t have eftpos facilities.
What if I have items left at the end of market day?
It is extremely rare for a stallholder to sell their whole collection on one day so don’t despair.

Four options come to mind (there are probably many more):


We will always have Red Cross boxes available to receive your very welcomed donations of quality unwanted items.

Op Shop.

Take it along to your local Op Shop.

Ebay or Gumtree.

Sell it on.

Have another stall.

The hard prep work is behind you so if you don’t sell everything, pack it away ready to stock your next fab stall.

You’ll soon be a market pro!

Please don’t add your unwanted items to landfill!

What if I have a question before booking?
Most frequent questions are answered here or through our Stallholder Information materials found on this website or on the event booking page. You can also enquire at
What can I sell?
Women’s preloved clothing, accessories, shoes, bags, jewellery, hats, scarves and so on. You can also sell men’s wear (although please let us know beforehand so we can market this availability to shoppers).
What can't I sell?

Makeup, cosmetics, perfumes, nail polishes etc (even unopened), underwear, pierced jewellery, or children’s clothing (under 12 yo).

This is foremost a preloved women’s clothing market as there are plenty of other local markets that cater to the sale of bric-a brac, books, art, furniture, tools, household goods (soft furnishings, large or small electrical or otherwise) and toys.

If you’re wanting to sell children’s items or clothing may we suggest contacting the terrific My Kids Market.

What if I'm not sure what I can sell?
If in doubt, please ask before bringing items along that you’re unsure about.
How can I promote an event?

For a fab day promotion is crucial to get as many shoppers along. If you can please market this event on your social media pages if you have them, and if possible hand out flyers in your area/workplace etc. If you (or a friend) live on a main road and can place a sign on your fence please get in touch. Help spread the word far and wide! 
If you enjoyed your shopping and/or selling experience at this market please help raise awareness about recycling and preloved (slow) fashion by posting your review.

What if I'm on my own and need to take a break?
Please take one! Enjoy the other stalls and the coffee/food vans! A neighbouring stallholder will usually be more than happy to watch your stall for a little while (and you might like to reciprocate). Under these circumstances it’s a great help if your collection is labelled. If there’s no-one to help out, please contact me on 0428 161 200 or find the Welcome Assistant and we’ll work something out.
What is the weather notification process?
We are predominantly an indoor market. Market day will proceed rain, hail, snow and shine. However, if the weather bureau issues extreme weather warnings we are obliged to abide by them.

Please ensure we have your email address and mobile number in case we need to contact you on market day.

Where applicable, outdoor stallholders purchase a stall with a buyer beware proviso as there’s no refund or transfer if the weather is inclement. The outdoor stall fee takes into consideration this risk..

What if I can't make it - can I get a refund?

Up to 72 hours prior to market day we may offer a one-off transfer to another market day if there are specific circumstances for you being unable to attend on the day (this excludes outdoor stalls where they apply). This will be at The Preloved Clothing Market management’s discretion.

What if I am running late?
Please make sure you have our mobile number 0428 161 200 and call or text us as soon as you know you’re running late (market set up time is a busy time so hopefully we can pick up). If we don’t hear from you and you don’t make it by 9.30am you may find your stall space/s offered to another stallholder. Unfortunately stall fees can’t be refunded under these circumstances.
Are there toilets? Is there a change space and mirrors?
Yes, there are both facilities available for stallholders and shoppers. And there are mirrors. It is at your discretion whether, and under what circumstances, you allow a shopper to take your items to the change space.
Other than my fab collection, what should I bring?
Have a read of our blog on A Stress-free Market Day. The short answer is bring whatever you want to create a fabulously unique stall that has your style written all over it. Bring change; any portable payment-accepting gadgets; something secure to hold your takings; reusable cup/mug; small mat to stand on – the floor can be cold and hard over 4 hours…and anything else your imagination brings to mind!
Can my family and friends come along?
The more the merrier so tell all your friends, family and colleagues about YOUR market day. The more shoppers the better for you!
I'm on the waitlist, how will I hear if I have a stall?
As soon as a vacancy arises we put out a call by email (and sometimes by mobile). We do this in groups starting at the top of the waitlist and the spot is allocated on a first affirmative response, first served basis.

You will be contacted in the order in which you joined the waitlist IF a booked space becomes vacant. It helps everyone if when you are offered a spot but can no longer take it you please communicate with us asap.

We apologise if you miss out due to timing but by the nature of a waitlist and last minute vacancies things can happen suddenly and quickly.

How often are Preloved Clothing Markets run?

Our markets run on the last Saturday of most months and pop up all over the place! Watch out for one near you. All our markets are advertised on Facebook, through local rags, posters and other marketing material. Word of mouth (thanks to you) works brilliantly as well!

Where can I park?

Parking spaces and bump in and bump out opportunities vary depending on the market venue. The market’s Stallholder Information materials will provide general information about local parking. Specific instructions will be emailed prior to market day, where relevant. Bear in mind sometimes there may be meter or car parking charges (which are not related to The Preloved Clothing Market market operation). Other times parking may be free.

What should I do if I see something out of the ordinary happening at the market?

Please let market management know asap if you feel there’s something going on at the market that might be out of the ordinary. This is what we’re there for and passing it on to us allows you to keep doing what you’re doing best…sassy selling or fab fossicking!